+Co-sputter system +ICP (inductively coupled plasma etching )
+Thermal evaporation system +Ion Beam Etching System
+E-Beam system +Endpoint detector
+The In-Line Supptering System +E Beam Lithography/3D-SEM/Nano Indentation Tester
+Auto Mask aligner system +Micro Electroforming System
+ELS Semi auto-Mask aligner +Collimated UV Light sources and Exposure
+Auto spin Developer system +Semi-auto Developer System/diffusion Furnace
+Auto spin coater system +Heating element (customerized)
+Optical deposition system +Flowmeter cleaning an calibration 
+Plasma stripper  +Cleaning system for wafers and masks/Injection moulding system
+Spin dryer +Wafer Bonding System
+Refurbished stepper
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